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Package shipping from Canada to a destination in the United States is a drag. International package shipping rates far exceed domestic package shipping rates. So if you are a retailer, online supply business, or simply find yourself frequently shipping packages to friends and families in the United States, Border Mailbox & Parcel has a cost effective and reliable alternative you will love.

If you live in the vicinity of Blaine, WA, which is located just south of the Canadian border, you can avoid paying exorbitant international shipping fees by driving your package to our location, and from there, shipping it to any destination in the United States and its territories. We offer inexpensive domestic shipping rates through either FedEx or the United States Postal Service and our office hours and location are convenient for our Canadian customers.

Our superior package shipping services allow Border Mailbox & Parcel to serve as your shipping outbox, dramatically reducing your overhead and allowing you to take advantage of the advanced and reliable tracking software offered by both FedEx and the United States Postal Service. We ensure that your package shipping needs are fulfilled by using the two most reliable carriers in the United States.

When you ship internationally, your packages often can be unnecessarily detained at border facilities, awaiting customs inspection, and shipping clearance. International package shipping also involves a slough of paperwork that is not required when you ship domestically within the United States. A quick trip to Border Mailbox & Parcel will not only save you money but also time, and will eliminate the red tape of international regulations.

So, if you are looking for reliability, security, and substantial financial savings, look no further than Border Mailbox & Parcel in Blaine, WA. If you are looking to ship to a destination in the United States, make the quick trip across the border. Visit Border Mailbox & Parcel in Blaine, WA and see what we can do for you. Remember, our slogan is, “personalized service is our specialty!” You quickly will see why.

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